Holiday Clinics 2014

February Break Clinics


Monday 2/17: 10-11:20 on ice/ 11:30-12:30 off ice

Stickhandling/Shooting- This clinic is for players who are dedicated to taking their stickhandling and shooting skills to the next level. Players will be shown technique and then put through fast paced repetitive drills. This clinic will include station work, where players will be taught a variety of skills in small groups and receive feedback from coaches.  

Players will build on and improve upon the following skills.

Shooting: Wrist Shots, Backhand Shots, Slap Shots, One Timers, And Shooting Under Pressure.

Stickhandling: Skating at full speed with the puck, Dekes, Puck Protection.


Tuesday 2/18: 10-11:20 on ice/ 11:30-12:30 off ice

Gameskills- This clinic will focus on skills in a ‘game-like’ environment. Players will receive instruction regarding both offensive and defensive zone strategies. This camp is crucial for players looking to develop and improve their skills in game situations. This is also a great opportunity for goaltenders to learn techniques in a controlled game environment. This camp will include small group stations where players will learn the skills than apply them in game situations.


Players will build on and improve upon the following skills.

Players: Learn how to score with limited space and time, apply the shooting and stickhandling skills learned, in a game environment, learn defensive and offensive strategies.

Goaltenders: Learn where players shoot in different game situations, seeing through screens, rebound control.


Wednesday 2/19: 10-11:20 on ice/ 11:30-12:30 off ice

Powerskating- The ability to skate is the most important part of being an elite hockey player. In this clinic we will teach proper technique and posture and then put the players through repetitive drills to make sure that the proper techniques are applied. This clinic will include full ice skating drills followed by small group stations where players will learn a variety of skating techniques and receive feedback. 

Skating Skills: Stride forwards/backwards, posture, crossovers forwards/backwards, arm movement, pivoting, quick starts, stopping.


Off-Ice: Each session will include developmentally appropriate functional strength training that focuses on hockey specific components of performance including, strength, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, mobility, injury prevention and much more! Our staff of experienced strength coaches will teach proper technique and modify exercises and drills based on age to maximize results and safety! Learn more about our training philosophy for all ages.


·$120 total- all 3 days on and off ice

 $50/ day -on and off ice

 $75 all 3 days- on-ice only

 $30/ day- on-ice only

 $45 all 3 days- off-ice only

 $20/ day- off-ice only